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BNDDI is currently looking to expand its investment portfolio with a strong growth strategy in construction, mining and exploration, transportation, hospitality, energy, technology, and environmental social governance (ESG).

75% ownership


All3Axiom works across Canada in the mining, industrial and commercial sectors, including:  Technical: platform/software, environment, geology/geophysics, GHG, UAV (drone) pilot operations, ground-penetrating radar, environmental and bioremediation, and more ESG: Environmental, social and governance goals, practices and policies Indigenous inclusion and community relations: education and training (including facility set-up), GPR business set-up, economic opportunity, cultural preservation, mentorship, and community development. All3Innovation owns 75% of All3Axiom.

33% ownership

All3Innovation LP

All3Innovation specializes in technology products that contribute to greater efficiencies in the mining, industrial and commercial sectors, utilizing robotics instead of humans in environments that are unsafe as well as helping clients to monitor, measure, analyse and improve performance with regard to ESG performance.

51% ownership

Impact Energy Limited Partnership

A proud First Nation partnership and majority-owned Indigenous industrial and mining division, with shareholders: the Birch Narrows Dene Developments Inc. and Impact Energy Services. A new majority Indigenous-owned enterprise announced today will drive Indigenous participation in the economy and create employment opportunities across the province. Birch Narrows Dene Development Inc. (BNDDI), the economic development corporation owned by Birch Narrows Dene Nation, and Impact Energy Services, Western Canada’s industry-leading electrical and instrumentation contractors, have partnered to form a new industrial and mining division of Impact Energy. This new division, operating as a limited partnership, will see BNDDI own 51% and Impact Energy own 49% of the new entity, which will create financial returns and career opportunities for the Birch Narrows Dene Nation and beyond. BNDDI and Impact Energy are committed to working together toward a sustainable, mutually beneficial business relationship based on trust, value, service, and innovation. Together, these companies will blaze a trail for the construction industry through environmental, social and governance best practices, by creating meaningful employment and by building capacity for Indigenous participation in industrial and mining activities that will deliver long-term benefits for Birch Narrows Dene Nation.