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Toronto, ON – A new partnership launched today that will transform the way commercial, mining, and industrial projects are done in Indigenous communities.


All3Axiom brings together All3Innovation — made up of Birch Narrows Dene Development Inc. (BNDDI), MMKL Group Inc., and Superior Strategies — with the Axiom Group into a service provider with a unique suite of technical and professional service.


The agreement was signed today in a special event at the Northern Ontario Mining Showcase Pavilion at PDAC. All3Axiom is 75% Indigenous-owned and completely rooted in a commitment to respectful and mutually beneficial collaboration.


“We want to be a leader,” says Jason Thompson, owner of Superior Strategies. “We can provide leading-edge products and services that drive economic development while protecting the environment — and at the same time stay focused on developing meaningful, long-term relationships with customers and Indigenous communities throughout Canada.”


It’s ambitious, but All3Axiom has the history, people and expertise to make it happen.


All3Axiom is a limited partnership between All3Innovation, the Indigenous-owned technology business formed in December 2022 by BNDDI, MMKL Group Inc., and Superior Strategies to help Indigenous communities grow and strengthen through training and employment. They were joined in March 2023 by The Axiom Group, a consulting firm providing technical and professional services in exploration, geophysics and geomatics, environment, and energy.


The new partnership brings together crucial skills that contribute to success in a wide variety of exploration, energy, community and economic projects: appropriate, applicable technology options and solutions, and a commitment to Indigenous engagement and inclusion to support growth through training and employment.


“We want to be a model for how Indigenous-owned and non-Indigenous-owned businesses can nurture community and business success together,” says Melissa Engdahl, Axiom Group VP Operations & Community Relations. “We think of All3Axiom as transformational rather than transactional: because we’re guided by common values and commitment to the community, we are stronger together.”


All3Axiom works across Canada in the mining, industrial and commercial sectors, including:

  • Technical: platform/software, environment, geology/geophysics, GHG, UAV (drone) pilot operations, ground-penetrating radar, environmental and bio remediation, and more
  • ESG: Environmental, social and governance goals, practices and policies
  • Indigenous inclusion and community relations: education and training (including facility set-up), GPR business set-up, economic opportunity, cultural preservation, mentorship, community development

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Jason Thompson
Owner, Superior Strategies


Melissa Engdahl
VP Operations & Community Relations