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About Us

With an eye on the future, BNDDI has embarked on a mission of growth. The intent is to participate more fully in large-scale projects by fostering mutually beneficial partnerships both with industry and other local indigenous communities.

As the community grows, so do the needs. BNDDI was created to support the financial requirements of the community and work towards self-determination. Small-scale, low return investments will no longer meet leadership’s goals. It’s time to dream bigger and participate more fully in the industrial opportunities unique to the North.

Birch Narrow Dene Nation’s location is amid a flurry of economic activity in Saskatchewan’s North. Mining and exploration, transportation, fuel, hospitality, and construction are just a few of the industries operating and expanding in the region. BNDDI has forged strong partnerships with major companies such as NexGen Energy with the intent of building new investments in new projects. BNDDI also looks to participate in unique partnerships and niche projects.

This can only be done with progressive, mutually beneficial partnerships in prospering industries.